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That’s Life Flick Premiere

The video? Oh yea, it was sick as hell. If you like amazing street skating, check it.

That's Life Flick - Video Premiere
That’s Life Flick – Video Premiere

Mr Jeff Greenwood was kind enough to pass on some VIP passes to the That’s Life video premier, a flick about the Foundation Skateboard team. Since Jeff could not attend I was happy to check out some modern street style skateboarding on the big screen. Having no idea what to expect I grabbed a friend and cruised down to the La Paloma theatre in Encinitas. Holy Crap the theatre was full on packed with skate stars. Ryan Sheckler, Bob Burnquist, Andrew Reynolds, Jake Brown, the cast of the movie; Leo Romero, Corey Duffell, Ethan Fowler, Justin Strubing, Daniel Shimizu, Tony Silva, Gareth Stehr, Angel Rodriguez, Matt Allen and Mike Rusczyk were all there. J Grant Brittain from the Skateboard Mag, Mike Barnett from Thrasher, fuck it, you get the idea. This thing was like the skateboard equivalent of a Star Wars movie premier at Manns Chinese Theatre, big time shit.

Going to see these things in the theatre is so much fun. Everyone was screaming at the sick parks, people were smoking weed and shooting off firecrackers. I myself brought in 4 16 oz Tecates to sip on. After the show we head over to Filibertos for a Burrito and little Ryan Sheckler is macking with some friends. Then everyone dispersed to their bar of choice, Martini Ranch or The Salloon, good times. Everyone was dressed like 1984, whats with the retro shit? I am gonna bust out the leg warmers and Olivia Newton John Records.

The video? Oh yea, it was sick as hell. If you like amazing street skating, check it. If you only like vert and pool skating, skip it, there is only one pool clip. Justin Strubings part was my favorite cuz every trick he did involved tranny or a bank. For the other parts, you can not believe the shit they do, thats all I gotta say.