Mission P.A.
Primary Goals : Skate and have a good time
Secondary Goals : Search out and ride new terrain
Bonus Goals : Find the Indoor Kidney Pool in PortAngeles and get some grinds


Mission Objectives: You are to set out on a mission of the utmost stealth. Word has it from outside sources that there is a Indoor Pool awaiting anyone who might find it worth the treacherous journey. Seek out and Destroy this Pool. Bring back documentation of accomplished objectives and subvert any law enforcement activities which will halt the mission.

Battle Plan : Contact agent Bland on the peninsula and secure a rendezvous time and place. Force the agent to divulge the whereabouts with or without force. Remember your on his turf. If he should keep the information from you, you have every reason to break the brotherhood codeto get the master plans. Upon securing the plans finish the mission by scouting out the location. Enter the premises and destroy!The plan in actionCaptains Report from the field…OK. It was about midday when agent Butler made contact with me. Reminding me that we had a duty to the fellow skaters of the Northwest to investigate this rare beast. After initial hesitation, I remember that is is my duty to fight when called to arms. I volunteer to make contact with agent Bland while agent butler goes about securing another trooper by the name of Agent Adams. 15 minutes later the plans are set and we swing into action! Agent Adams was a little off our course but rendezvous was made and a ferry pass secured to cross the Pudget Sound. Weapons check occurred while we mingled with the people.

Everything seemed in order. Upon docking we made a Bee-line for theBP gas station rendezvous  with agent Bland. We