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Basic Bowl BBQ #19 – 2014

April 19th, 2014

We paid a visit to the longest ever running annual bowl contest in Huntington Beach CA. this weekend to partake of some Bowl Ripping, Suds flinging, punk rock infused, fun in the sun. This is pretty amazing to have lasted for 19 years. Some years have been better then others, and they are always different.

Anyone can take a crack at the bowl, which still stands popped out of the ground and over vert in the deep end. The divisions are from the Groms, to Sponsored, to Pros, and then some Masters. Throw in a punk band in between and turn on the switch. You end up with what Dave Duncan affectionately calls the ‘Shit Show‘.

Enjoy the pics of the party:

Junior Division
Junior Division

KOTC - Kyle Ollie to bash
KOTC – Kyle Ollie to bash

Lucas Sanders blasting
Lucas Sanders blasted his way to 3rd place.

Eddie Moreno planting one
Eddie Moreno, aka Mighty, was jamming mayhem everywhere! 1st Place

Steve Palacios - Pro Winner with tons of tech.
Steve Palacios – Pro Winner with tons of tech.

Eddie Moreno, Lucas Sanders Winners of Sponsored
Eddie Moreno, Lucas Sanders Winners of Sponsored

Charlie Blair
Charlie Blair

Dave Duncans View of the Party
Dave Duncan – Trying to keep the Sh*t Show in order is like herding cats…

Girls Winners
Girls Winners

Groms Winners
Grom Winners Circle

Junior Division
Junior Division

Pro Division Results:

1) Steve Palacios

2) Kyle (Krazy/KOTC)

3) Charlie Blair

Sponsored Division

1) Eddie ‘Mighy’ Moreno

2) E

3) Lucas Sanders

Groms Division Results (not sure about these)

1) Myles Strampello

2) Taylor Neye

3) Cooper Burrows

Womens Results:

1- Mary Prideaux

Thanks Dave Duncan, Jay Basic, Basic Bowl, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, The Sponsors, The Bands…

NEXT YEARS 20th Anniversary warrants your attendance if you’ve ever gone to one. Let’s make it happen!