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Anaheim B3 – Greener Pastures Vert Street qualifiers

Rune Glifberg

Now that I have been to a few of these ESPN events over the last few years I can say I know what to expect. It’s there formula to bring you skateboarding on television by the best pros out there. They do this (competition format) and it works out well for them to give what the general public wants to get interested in the sports involved. Show some footage of the best (Usually only the top 3 finishers) and get all excited about them for the on-air broadcast.

But what I’m seeing and the fans in attendance are seeing is so much more than what you get to see on the tube that it comes down to 2 different versions of what’s going on: The Real Version and the T.V. version. Here are a couple examples,

In the Real Version (being there) you get to see a pretty chaotic snake session in progress. You may have Chris Senn wanting to hit the same ledge Pat Channita does. Both skate at different speeds and are coming at the ledge from 2 different angles. Sometimes both will pull away if they see each other resulting in no attempts at dialing their tricks. Sometimes maybe Chris Senn will be moving mach 10 and only to see Channita double heel flipping to 5-0 on the ledge. He can pull out in time again losing a shot at the ledge. Maybe Channita will see Senn barreling down on him and decide to pull back and make room for Chris to fly by. Only when he pulls out Chet Thomas is in mid flight and going to land right where Channita suddenly changed direction to. Slam! (This didn’t really happen but it’s a similar version to reality each event). On T.V. you don’t get to see what happens in between runs. You’ll see Chris Senn (who got 1st place) ripping unobstructed throughout the course like it was easily orchestrated to be able to practice his lines.

In the Real Version you might see some new guy bust out a 900 on the vert ramp and it’ll blow you and everyone there away.

On T.V. you’ll never even see the 900 because he placed 25th and the cameras weren’t rolling on the practice session.

Because of this we seldom bring you the ESPN version of the events and bring you the down home version. In the photo gallery and video clip we’ve got scenes from the practice sessions and some from the finals. We weren’t there to bring you up to the minute play by play. We went to watch the top skateboarders perform and bring back some photos and video of guys you may or may not get to see much of. ENJOY!

Andy Macdonald - Indy Air
Andy Macdonald – Indy Air
Bucky Lasek - Frontside Invert
Bucky Lasek – Frontside Invert
jesse fritch  -kickflip indy
jesse fritch  -kickflip indy
Christiano Matteus
Christiano Matteus – Heel Flip F.S. Air
Neal Hendrix - B.S. Air to fakie.
Neal Hendrix – B.S. Air to fakie.
Tony Hawk - Tuck Knee Invert
Tony Hawk – Tuck Knee Invert