R.I.P. Bruno Leandro

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The History of Skateboarding in Brasil – the 80’s

Waveboy Formiga at QG skatepark.

In the end of 82 the Wavecat center couldn’t survive the rollerskate crisis and closed its doors. Skateboarding was basically dead except for the “Guara” park with their national contests that turned to be the event of the year for years to come after that.

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Skateboard History of Brasil – Part 1 the 1970’s.


Skateboard History of Brail
Part 1 the 1970’s.
…Skateboarder mag was our Bible and in the same year the first Brazilian skate mag is born, “Brasil Skate”. The first Brazilian movie about surfing and skateboarding “NAS ONDAS DO SURF” hits the theaters…

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