USA Skateparks Guide

Jack V Crawford Skate Court – Kenmore, WA

Not a bad little square. Decent though smallish street features with a pool-bowl. Nothing too intimidating, but plenty of fun to be had. Nice little spot out in the ‘burbs. Not huge, but a decent setup. Stairset with mellow ledges and a rail, brick bank with a little taco in the middle, baby hip, rail and ledge, and a itty bitty snake run perfect for the groms to get used to kicking and turning. Oh yeah, and there’s like… A “pool” or something? Rad bowl, very much inspired by a kidney pool but with slightly less intimidating walls, regular coping, and a curved spine for a shallow end. While a bit steeper than a typical 3-7’ bowl, still a lot more forgiving than some of the pools Grindline has blessed the northwest with.