Spalding Park Skatepark - Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.

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Spalding Park Skatepark - Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.

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Spalding Park Skatepark
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Elm St. and Vine St.
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"Elm St. & Vine St., Champaign, IL"; the skatepark is north on Elm, across the railroad tracks, and on the left (west) side of Elm St. from this intersection.


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This skatepark is located in Spalding Park in Champaign, IL. An all-concrete skatepark, the "street" section is very, very difficult to skate due to overall bad design and construction, and the spined, concrete mini ramp is very tight, with excessively protruding coping (although the bowls are quite good). It's only worth a stop in, if you're a competent enough skater to deal with the park's many (and, obvious) flaws. -Bud Stratford, [email protected]

Skate the Bowls everything else sucks. Combi (Has 8 foot bowl +1 ft oververt connected to 6 ft kidney bowl connected to 6 ft "rectangle" bowl with 1 ft oververt extension on one side) also has 2, 5 ft halfpipes/spine with fast, bumpy tranny (designed to be a vert ramp for midgets apparently) 4X4X4 unfun box with rail that normal footed sk8r's have to hit FS. four 2-3 ft boobs, pyramid hip about 6-7 ft tall, 4 ft mini 1/4 connected to 6 ft 1/4 with corner that goes into escalator then wall morphs into a bank. loading dock = maybe a 4-5 stair, kinked hubba ledge and finally, a hand rail with giant bump at the end from cutting/lowering the rail incorrectly. There's a park monitor in the summer until 6pm, no bathroom or water fountain from fall until spring. If you're passing through Come shred the bowls and drink some beer!!!! but if i were you i wouldn't drive more than an hour to skate it... BADASS 11 ft+2 ft vert birch bowl across the street in a warehouse that is taken apart and laying in numbered sections, the dick wont put it together or even sell the thing to anyone. what a waste.

All concrete. It's really crappy! Mini's not even worth riding, a pyramid with a rail going down one side, a rail that is located right in front of a fence so no way to come up to it, a couple bumps for huge tricks, a square, kidney and egg bowl all connected the best thing there are the bowls, go for the bowls or you can skate the tool box located outside the fence. Open to dusk, free no pads, its a piece of crap don't come to it if you do bring a jackhammer it's really that bad.

The bowl is very skatable, it has trannies from 6 feet to 9 feet, the "street course" is crappy.


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I was really excited for this park because of the 2 mini ramps with a spine inbetween, but was disappointed to learn upon arrival that the transitions are so steep they are basically unskate-able. All the locals we met their agreed they've never seen anyone able to skate them. The street section is not well set up.. similarly a lot of the transitions are way to steep and anything you could grind is right up against the fence for the most part. Lots of random mounds to trip you up and prevent finding an easy line. Also, the photos don't show that this park is totally covered in graffiti. Some of it looks great, some of it is dumb. My husband felt like it made everything slippery for him on his BMX bike. I couldn't really notice a texture difference on my quad skates. The bowl section of this park is pretty nice. There's a tiny kidney shaped part that is really steep and tight but fun to carve around, a medium sized square part that was good for dropping in and warming up, and a HUGE round part with some oververt. Overall a really fun tri-bowl thing, 2 unusable waste of space half pipes, and a big kind of crummy street section. All the locals we met here were nice.
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