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I was really excited for this park because of the 2 mini ramps with a spine inbetween, but was disappointed to learn upon arrival that the transitions are so steep they are basically unskate-able. All the locals we met their agreed they've never seen anyone able to skate them. The street section is not well set up.. similarly a lot of the transitions are way to steep and anything you could grind is right up against the fence for the most part. Lots of random mounds to trip you up and prevent finding an easy line. Also, the photos don't show that this park is totally covered in graffiti. Some of it looks great, some of it is dumb. My husband felt like it made everything slippery for him on his BMX bike. I couldn't really notice a texture difference on my quad skates. The bowl section of this park is pretty nice. There's a tiny kidney shaped part that is really steep and tight but fun to carve around, a medium sized square part that was good for dropping in and warming up, and a HUGE round part with some oververt. Overall a really fun tri-bowl thing, 2 unusable waste of space half pipes, and a big kind of crummy street section. All the locals we met here were nice.
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