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Sacrifice Skateboards Profile - The Walrus Rene Morales
Sacrifice Skateboards Profile – The Walrus Rene Morales

When was your company established?

We were established in 1999/2000. It was the end of 1999, in December.

Who is the owner of your company?

Rene Morales aka The Walrus.

How come you started this company?

I was sick of seeing kids getting ripped off for low quality wood, and the fact that no one was making bigger boards (at the time).

Where is your company based out of?

I started it out of my home in Montclair. I now have a small warehouse in Riverside California.

How has your company changed since it was started?

In the last year we have really been blowing up. We have a great distribution company (JWID) and we have been getting a lot of media coverage lately. The company is still the same in regards to our attitude, we are still just do our own thing in our own way.

What products are you offering?

I make boards from 7.75 all the way to 8.75. I am also making some killer cut 63mm pool wheels. I also have shirts and will be making some wallets soon (just for fun).

Who are your team riders?

Our team is pretty gnarly. We have Tony Loco from Brazil, Even Menezes also form Brazil, Brant Austin, Kyle Mitchell, Mike Hamerla, Seff Nieto, Chris Farrell from Arizona, Jeff Greenwood, Rose Bernfeld, Paul Smith from Las Vegas, Bart Saric and Art Miranda. We recently added Roy Starin to our team also. The guy rips pools!

Sacrifice Pabst Blue Ribbon Deck
Sacrifice Pabst Blue Ribbon Deck

How tough is it to get recognition for your company?

It use to be really hard to get any kind of recognition. It was like, who are these guys? When I started the company there wasn’t a lot of Indi-companies around, just SCUM. Nowadays we get all kinds of props. People are stoked on us and what we are doing….Just Skating! No Egos Man!

What are your companies hopes for the future?

We have a full length video/movie coming out in early November. FishEgg films (Jeff Roe) is doing all the editing. This video will be a new step in skateboard films. It’s very unique and special in it’s own way. It’s very “true” to skateboarding, just like we are.

Is there any kind of motto your company is based off of?

Actually the name itself is our motto. SACRIFICE is all about the struggles that all skateboards face just to skate. We all make Sacrifices in our daily lives to do this thing we love so much. It’s even harder when your trying to raise kids, hold a job, pay a mortgage, and so on. We are a real “Blue Collar” skateboard company. We all have families, jobs, responsibilities, the list goes on. Yet we always find time to come together and throw down. Sacrifice, covering skateboarding with a blanket of truth since 1999.

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Sacrifice Skateboards Pool Skating
Sacrifice Skateboards Pool Skating