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Factory 13 Experimental Skateboard Manufacturing Ltd.
Factory 13 Experimental Skateboard Manufacturing Ltd.

Skate Company Profile:

Daniel Creadon - Backside Transfer
Daniel Creadon – Backside Transfer

Factory 13 Experimental Skateboard Manufacturing Ltd.

When was your company established?

Factory 13 was established in December 1999

Who is the owner of your company?

Daniel Creadon (me)

How come you started this company?

Now honestly… in the “drought of style” that we all suffered thru in the mid 90’s is how it started. I was working as a Fabricator (welding/machining military aircraft and commercial goods) yes, basically I was and am a FACTORY WORKER!
(that’s how the name came about) So its early/mid 90’s…and there are NO good boards available… I actually was buying used boards at garage sales and bumming them off of friends because I am not satisfied riding skinny popsicle stick boards.
Out of total FRUSTRATION and ANGER I put any and all talent I had into producing/designing SKATEBOARDS…. not really for $$$ but for something to ride for me and pals. Now at this time.. being in the east side of Cleveland, skateboarding is STILL illegal and boards suck bad… people are negative and so am I.
Its not really a “California Dream” but a “Cleveland Reality”. No sunsets, no love, no happiness,…..just AGGRESSION… its not an act, or front.
I skate to release anger an frustrations. And that’s what I want the boards to portray. I want the board constructions and designs to reflect my feelings,
most of which are not feelings of typical happy/whatever kinda stuff…
I want aggression, punk rock, ditch riding, curb slashing/ skate in Zero degree weather.. kind of style.
I want it to be DIFFERENT>>. We are not HOMEBOYS or PIMPS…. We are skaters that are true to the cause of the SUBCULTURE, don’t want anything to do with a glitzy pop culture crap. I have NO INVESTORS…. will not take any either…F.13 will not be spoiled by $$$$$

Where is your company based out of?

Factory13 is based off of my property in Chardon Township, east side of Cleveland Ohio. I own an acre of land and on that is my house/ printshop/ and woodshop.
It’s an old place (built in the 50’s) but has a lot of space and room for work and living. The woodshop is a brick building and the printshop (and stock) is attached to my house, all located on the same property.

How has your company changed since it was started?

The Co. has grown in a great way. I am the SOLE owner and NOTHING ever leaves here without passing thru my hands. So I have absolute control over everything here. Not trying to sound like a Dictator or anything but…..
I believe in PURITY…. there is NO ONE else that can pollute me or my Company, all of F.13 comes DIRECTLY out of my brain.
The biggest change is that Factory 13 boards are really everywhere. I went from selling boards out of my truck to having distributers in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, all over Europe, …that’s what makes me real happy and stoked, because they are all amped as I am over it.

What products are you offering?

So many.. My biggest thing is CUSTOM boards….I run Model boards and sponsor people and bands of coarse. I do t shirts and clothing/posters and stuff but it is SKATEBOARDS that I focus on….it is the Krux of my existence.
Many different constructions, 8 different molds, 4 different concaves, channels, route out rails, slik plys, carbon fiber, fiber glass, cambers, 5 different wheelwells….
people are plotting out Custom decks that are SICK…they are ALL handmade here….


Who are your team riders?

Danny Creadon, Brian Brannon and JFA, Marco NFT (England), Steve and the Briefs, George Medina, Ronny Ripper (Texas sharks), Jeff and Jacob (the jaxprints crew), Lance Tranter, and a slew of others that I can’t think of right now.

How tough is it to get recognition for your company?

I like to think that ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS, so I let the boards speak for themselves… obviously displaying them thru various websites and stuff. I am not a real “talker” or a “social butterfly” so I got to let my work speak for me. I believe that is an honest way of doing things.
I am a TRUE skater and a TRUE skateboard maker.

What are your companies hopes for the future?

To grow in mfg., design, and construction. It’s not size but QUALITY and STYLE… wont save you.

Is there any kind of motto your company is based off of?

From day 1 it has been….”Factory 13 experimental skateboard manufacturing”. And that is it…. experimental, new concaves and shapes. New constructions, new ideas, a True skateboarder running the show here, no bullshit or flim flam.

To Contact Factory 13 for more information please help yourself to their website and contact info:

DANNY CREADON…. (440) 488 0315

Factory 13

email: F13revolution(at)