Skateboarding News


Skull Skates is proud to present limited edition guest model skate decks for Barry Walsh and Marc Tison set for release on Dec. 5, 2007.

Both Marc and Barry are hardcore skaters and Montreal locals with a passion for their infamous skate spot “The Big O” – located on the site of the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

In addition to being dedicated rippers, down for the long haul, the two recently authored and produced the book “Pipe Fiends” paying homage to the rich history of one of the longest running and notable spots in the skateboarding world.

Marc’s model measures 7 15/16″ x 31 3/4 ” with a 14 1/4″ wheelbase. Barry’s model measures 7 3/4 ” x 31 1/2 ” with a 14″ wheelbase. Both decks feature original graphics penned by Dave Cummings of Point St. Charles Tattoos in MTL.

Check the two Pipe Fiends in action at “The Big O”