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@skateDIY 10th Anniversary 2023 #BuildRockSpots

The @skateDIY 10th Anniversary 2023 #BuildRockSpots International Challenge Starts Now!

Rules Are Simple:

1. Turn a rock into a skate spot using at least concrete.

2. On Instagram: Add #buildrockspots and tag @skateDIY on your ‘Build Process’ photo or video.

3. On Instagram: Add #buildrockspots and tag @skateDIY on a “Skating” video when completed.

4. Spots created before August 16th, 2023 will NOT be considered!

The deadline is September 16th, 2023!
skateDIY will repost all qualifying entrants as they come in.


The prize package includes:
• Urban Skate Project Cap and Ts from @commonyouthbrand.
• MegaPop Concrete Junkies Board from @az.laminates.
• Bucket logo custom Grip-Tape from @spank.etc
• Coping Trowl and 6′ Radius Float from @locumdiysupplies.
• One-year Subscription from @confusionmagazine.
• AF1 80 Trucks, HHollow Hardware, and shims from @acetrucks.
• Bones Wheels and Bearings and Speed-Cream from @powellperalta.
• Custom Kneeboard from @urbanskateproject.

The judge’s Panel consists of past Rock Spot champs, skateDIY, and any sponsors that want to weigh in!

Build Rock Spot Winners to date:

• 2014: @lucasdavenport / @sanch3_6_9
• 2015: @surfingturd / @_paddyboy_
• 2016: @brighty___ / @subterranean_denizen
• 2019: @_fish_taco_ / @gobbleit / @natey__180
• 2021: @concretecowboys_

As always a special shout out to The Peoples Choice!


!! skateDIY will ONLY cover shipping costs UP TO $100 USD !!

@skateDIY 10th Anniversary 2023 #BuildRockSpots
@skateDIY 10th Anniversary 2023 #BuildRockSpots

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