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Skate for Hope @ etnies Skatepark Sept. 10 2023

Important Update: Event Postponed & Relocated!

Dear friends, due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had to postpone our event and relocate it to a new venue.

Stay tuned for updates on the new date and venue. We appreciate your support and understanding.

Please join the Legend Ryan Sheckler @shecks in association with @988lifeline and on Sunday, Sept. 10th from 10am-4pm, for a truly special event that I am honored to MC @skater_made at @etniesskatepark skate park in Lake Forrest⚡️There will be plenty of activities, food and skating happening around the skate contest/event held to raise awareness and money for a most serious cause, the epidemic of suicide.

Suicide has become a leading cause of death amongst our species, even more so in the recent past. We are collectively activating to bring the love, knowledge, resources and PMA to this important cause through the magic connections of skateboarding and those involved in their deep communities.

Looking forward to see you there and enjoying a blessed day of rip/shred and consciousness in celebration!!


Second photo by Barrett Colvin @25118.sk8

OG B artman

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