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What do a Mexican, a chicken and a cactus have in common?
Answer: They all feature in Armourdillo

Dillo’s range of ten decks features a collection of revolutionary and daring artwork that is set to take the skate world by storm.

Armourdillo Managing Director, Chris Northwood said the idea was to create designs that took last year’s successful range to the next level.

“We wanted to come up with a range of decks that look awesome and innovative and that make a statement.

The new designs include “Sword”, a hand drawn and coloured, flash-tattoo inspired sword and the “Corporate Clown”- a mock statement about today’s corporate world.

“The response to the decks from our team riders so far has been fantastic; the boys love the new designs,” Chris said.

The Armourdillo skate team is taking off in leaps and bounds with the recently signed Trevor Ward joining a line-up that includes Spencer Eagles, Will Hine, Dane Burman, James Kennedy, Shane Wallace and Dom Kerich.

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