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Monster Energy Releases ‘Aspire – Inspire’ Skateboard Mini-Documentary Featuring Mami Tezuka

Monster Energy

Season 2 Episode of Documentary Series Out Now on YouTube, Portrays Two-Time X Games Medalist  

CORONA, California – August 30, 2022 – Spotlight on the new generation! Monster Energy is proud to announce Episode 7 of the ‘Aspire – Inspire’ mini-documentary video series, featuring 20-year-old pro skateboarder Mami Tezuka from Shiga, Japan. The new episode launches Season 2 of the series, showcasing the talented female professional known for her style and ability to ride backyard pools.

The new ‘Aspire – Inspire’ episode featuring Mami Tezuka released to global audiences today on the official Monster Energy YouTube channel. Filmed on location in Japan and California, the 7:31 minute video gets the inside story of the young professional skateboarder and two-time X Games medalist.

“She tries really gnarly stuff and is just fun to be around. It’s really inspiring. When I’m around her I want to push myself to be better!” said Monster Energy team rider Lizzie Armanto about Tezuka in the episode.

Tezuka started skateboarding at the age of three encouraged by her father, a passionate skater. Her powerful riding style blends high airs with extended grinds and technical lip tricks that make Tezuka a podium threat at major international competitions. Last year, Tezuka shook up the established order by claiming silver in Women’s Skateboard Park at X Games 2021. She then followed suit by earned her second X Games podium with bronze at X Games Chiba in 2022.

Produced by Monster Energy, the ‘Aspire – Inspire’ mini-documentary skateboard video series was created in 2021. The episodes combine interviews, skate action, and archival footage to explore the backstories of inspiring personalities on the Monster Energy skate team. In Season 1, riders portrayed on ‘Aspire – Inspire’ included Aurelien GiraudAyumu HiranoKelvin HoeflerMatt BergerRune Glifberg, and Nyjah Huston.

The new episode was filmed on location in Tezuka’s hometown of Shiga, Japan. The camera also follows the young pro to San Clemente and San Diego, California. The episode was filmed and edited by Ryan Neddeau and produced by Mike Burgess at EPC Los Angeles with additional footage from Chris Gregson and the X Games archives. 

Commentary comes from interviews with father Manabu Tezuka and mother Hiromi Tezuka, as well as pro skateboarders Chris Gregson and Lizzie Armanto. The high-energy soundtrack by Epidemic Sound brings Tezuka’s unique journey and action footage filmed at skate spots across the globe to life.

Upon first stepping on her father’s skateboard at age 3, Tezuka found the perfect outlet for her relentless drive and energy. “Mami has been active and energetic since she was small. She was always laughing,” said father, Manabu Tezuka. “Mami was always surrounded by her friends. Just like she is now,” said mother Hiromi Tezuka, adding: “She was a child who made whatever she liked until it was completed.”

Tezuka began cultivating her unique riding style at a young age, inspired by watching her father and his peers. “There were always skateboards and skateboarders in front of her. It was Mami’s fate,” said Manabu Tezuka. Speaking on her beginnings, Mami Tezuka said: “I got into transition skating because my local skatepark has a lot of transitions. I don’t think transition skating is big in Japan, but there’s so much DIY stuff.”

When she began traveling and competing in international contests, Tezuka instantly began turning heads with her well-rounded, powerful skating. “I remember she really stood out from all the other girls,” said pro skateboarder and Monster Energy team rider Lizzie Armanto, adding: “I think over Covid you could see Mami’s skating go from really good to next level!”

As part of a new generation of female professional skateboarders, Tezuka endorses a signature model on American label Blood Wizard Skateboards. The ‘Aspire – Inspire’ catches Tezuka receiving her first model surrounded by family and peers. “Getting the recognition and turning pro is such a great thing. I respect her. I’m happy for her,” said Hiromi Tezuka.

Mami Tezuka also recently released a heavy-hitting video part to international acclaim. “Competition is kind of stressful for me. But filming a part is more fun for me. You can see the style and progress of the skating. I think that’s really important,” said Tezuka on ‘Aspire – Inspire’. “I want to inspire all the girl skaters and young people. Do what you love and don’t be scared to be yourself.”

Want to hear the full story from the Japanese prodigy known for raising the stoke in every session? Episode 7 of ‘Aspire – Inspire’ featuring Mami Tezuka is live now on Monster Energy’s YouTube channel.