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Local Rippers Orange Cone Video Contest

For the uninitiated; all LRFF video submissions go thru a rigorous selection process to narrow them down to a group of finalists that are then handed over to our curated panel of jurors who will make the final selections.

We’re excited to announce @steviewilliams as a juror for the Orange Cone Video Contest.

Most of us were introduced to the legendary style of Stevie when he dropped his mindblowing last part in The Chocolate Tour video back in 1999. Since then he’s been steadily making moves on and off the board. His board company DGK is over 20 years old and going strong.

Listen to Stevie: get your crew together and submit to the LRFF Orange Cone Video Contest so you can win that bag!

* Must incorporate an orange cone in edit
* Open to all skaters nationwide
* 60-90 second edit
* Any sized orange cone will do
* Submission deadline 4/10

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