Skateboarding News


Hey Concrete Disciples!
Lots of progress at the new Las Vegas park. The peanut bowl is poured as is the snake run with the full pipe being the only thing remaining. My guess is that the bottom of the full pipe will be poured this week. Most of the street course obstacles are finished with
just a few more rails to be installed and then the flat areas and sidewalks. This is another Site Design creation and this one shows that the city listened to the skaters. The peanut size and transition brings to mind the Encinitas kidney. No small walls here, this is definitely a big wall drop in park, no roll-ins or waterfalls. There are lines to be had everywhere. Just standing above it you see drop in points and places to hit. The snake run / over-vert section is laid out in such a way that no matter if you’re goofy or regular you can hit everything.

The park will be attached to the rec center and will have an enforced helmet law. I have heard talk of separate bike and skater hours, but the city is still has some things to work out so there is no final work yet. The guys tell me they will be finished in March with
an April opening.

I was there late in the day and there were shadows everywhere. I plan on going again next Sunday a little earlier to hopefully cut down on the shadows and get you some brighter photos.

Chris (in Vegas) Sneddon