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JFA releasing a new album ‘Last Ride’

From AZPX Records:

SkateRock Pioneers JFA Announce First Full-Length Album in Over a Decade

Our friends at DC-Jam Records will be releasing ‘Last Ride’, the first full-length album by SkateRock pioneers JFA in over a decade this May. Although the record title vaguely alludes to a final album, guitarist Don Pendleton explains:

“Last ride refers to ‘one more’ at the end of a skate or a surf session. You either bring it (get a killer ride) or sometimes go for it to the point of slamming hard. Nobody does a safety run after saying ‘one more’ — while many skaters won’t even say ‘one more’ out loud (the mojo is that strong).”

-Don Pendleton
Consisting of mostly new material and a couple previous released songs (AZPX17 – The Sarah 7″), this record is sure to be a banging follow-up to their previous album ‘Speed of Sound’ (which is fucking awesome in my opinion).

The record packaging is really cool. With photography by legendary punk photographer Ed Culver, layout and design by yours truly (with a little help from Brian Brannon – if you consider a navy Master Chief screaming at you while you drown with an 80 pound pack on, help). Right now I am only sharing the cover, you have to wait for the rest. I am very thankful and humbled to have the opportunity to design this record, thank you Darron (owner of DC-Jam)!