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In the Patch with Greenwood

Hey everyone, if you didn’t know already East Coast 100% die hard skater Cabbage has been making great podcasts for a few years now. I first made contact with him in the first Skatelab Deathrace at Skatelab in 2003 when he got 4th among many legends racing through the skatepark for Cash$$ money. He’s been busy supporting skateboarding in his spare time (like myself).

I needed some info for the SHoF a couple weeks ago and he helped me get it and as we talked he suggested I do it in his podcast. I don’t usually say yes to doing this but a couple days later I said hell yea I need a dose of publicity for CD. I told him I’d like to and he said ” how about a couple hours from now?” We dove right in and here is some of my early skate stories and how I first got Concrete Disciples going all the way back in 1997.

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