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Etnies Skatepark Expansion Progress update

Grand Opening is being scheduled of August 20th!

I stopped by the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest on Go Skateboarding Day to check out the progress on the skatepark additions along with getting in some skating.The main new features are tranny related and heres a few notes on them that I got from Nick Gates.


The view of the pool from Shallow to Deep

from Deep to Shallow..

The pool pour is done and looks great. The crete is grey dyed. There are two deathboxes. The tiles will be a random grey flecked pattern. There is a California Pools electrical cover emblem laid into the top stair in the shallow end.

The Cradle is a real nice radius where you can get inverted a lot easier then Mammoth or Fontana. The surrounding bowl is filled with transition changes, waterfalls, pool coping, noping, and hips. The should provide amazing lines. The blind spots around the cradle could be a problem, but some of the top edge around the uppermost region of the cradle where no one will go will be brought back in a little bit. There is a huge bank opposite the cradle backside, which is going to be ridable, and should make it feasible to get up on the back of that cradle if you got the ‘juevos’!


There’s a long slim street area with the main feature being the rails and ledges. They look like they came from the Maloof or Street leagues courses and should be damn good! A six stair with hubba ledges. The edges are lined with even height ledges for the most part, and a couple of manny pads inter mixed.

Lastly, there is a baby bowl in the back. It is shallow and ridable. It is lined with steel coping, but there is an extension with pool coping on top. It is positioned next to the existing parks vert wall and an area that is molded between the two making some wicked transfers possible if your burly. The skateparks total size will now be upwards of 60,000 square feet thus probably in the top 5 sizewise in the USA. The expansions were paid for by the city. It is a great skatepark indeed and going to get even better.