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Da Nang, Vietnam Selected to Host Lotus Cup 2015

World Skateboarding Grand Prix Announces First-Ever Southeast Asia Skateboarding Championships

Da Nang, Vietnam Selected to Host Lotus Cup in 2016: World Class Skate Park Built for Event to Remain as Social Development Platform

(Da Nang, Vietnam – November 18, 2015) — World Skateboarding Grand Prix (WSGP) today announced it will host the first-ever Southeast Asia Skateboarding Championships in Da Nang, Vietnam in 2016. The Lotus Cup will be similar in size and scale to the Kimberley Diamond Cup and will include the Southeast Asian Championships and the Vietnam National Championships. The events will be broadcast live on Vietnam’s national TV station and broadcast in 173 countries. The events will be held on a new, world class skate park built in partnership with the Peoples Committee of Da Nang. The new skate park will be the platform for an innovative social development program that will be managed by WSGP.

The Southeast Asia Championships, sanctioned by the World Skateboarding Federation, will draw the best skateboarders from across Southeast Asia to compete in an open qualifier; the winner earns a title and a trip to the 2016 Skateboarding World Championships.

“Da Nang is a beautiful city with some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen with miles of pristine beaches,” said Tim McFerran, president of WSGP. “The people of Da Nang are warm and friendly; and that is one of the reasons it is growing so fast as a tourist destination. Skateboarding in Asia is growing tremendously and we are excited to announce a five-year contract with the Peoples Committee of Da Nang. This region is of huge significance globally and we want to thank the Peoples Committee and Skateboarding Vietnam for their support and commitment to this project. We can’t wait to bring the first-ever Southeast Asia Skateboarding Championships to Da Nang in 2016. This is going to be a tremendous asset to the local community, all of Asia, and will further support and grow the local skateboarding industry in Southeast Asia.”

The skate park built in Da Nang for the championships will be one of the finest in the world and one of only a few capable of hosting a world class contest; it will be certified by the World Skateboarding Federation. The Da Nang skate park will serve as the platform for a new skateboarding development program run by World Skateboarding Grand Prix. Modeled after its lauded South African program, the Da Nang development program will offer year-round activities, clinics and mentoring for local youth.

“The development program we have created in South Africa is considered the best and most comprehensive in the world, and this new development center based in Da Nang, Vietnam will mirror many of our successful programs in South Africa,” said McFerran. “We couldn’t be happier to have such a great partner who shares our commitment to social development and sustainability.”

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