Product Reviews

Underdog Skateboards

Underdog Skateboards is a small operation which hails from Norcal is still green in the biz since this is their first run of boards. The graphics are simple, just the company logo. But that’s really not what’s important. What is important is that there boards are good. I received an 8 inch model. The shape and overall dimensions suited my needs. What really stuck out in my mind was how light the board was. I had a blast demolishing this thing both street and park skating. It was great for both. They’ve also got a bunch of other sizes for all types of rider ranging from 9.75 to 7.75, which I think is a great variety and a good jumping off point for a new company. See for yourself by typing>, and while you’re at it you can check out the photo of company owner Ron Corral’s spiral fracture. Ouch!