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Termite Skateboards – Pest Control

“Pest Control”
Termite Skateboards

The Players:
Adam Taylor, Andrew Rowe, Mitchie Brusco, Austin Gillette, Jamie Quaintance, Dolan Stearns, Taylor Smith, Oliver Rivas, Chase Webb, Hanna Zanzi, and Dylan Taylor.

Remember Menudo? This Termite Skateboard team is run off the same concept. Once you hit the age of 15 you’re off the team. These young kids are seriously better than most skaters two and three times their age! This doesn’t deter them at all.

The team hits everything from the Good Morning America t.v. show to some back yard pools, offering good times to everyone along the way. They also manage to throw in some basic trick tips at the hands of the team riders. Dropping In, Inverts, and Kickflips are a few of the tricks you can learn along with the team.

I think this video is a perfect gift for the young generation. It’s $20.00 and available on their website. (Click link above)