Product Reviews

SMA Skateboards -Jesse Martinez Pro Model

A functional board with a unique shape I first picked up this board from Earl (SMA skateboards team manager) at Protec Pool Party. I held this deck in my hands and was immediately impressed. SMA skateboards is run by the former owner of the origninal zephyr surf shop Skip Engblom. Skip has been in the skate industry for a long time, and knows how to make a quality board.

This deck weighs in at 32.75″ x 9.5″ with a 6″ nose and a 16″ wheelbase. This board has a functional design with some added features which really sets it apart from the endless sea of Popsicle shaped decks out there. This deck has a square tail with two pointed “wings” located around the back truck holes. The nose culminates at a nice punk point perfect for thinning out the population when the skatepark gets a little too crowded.

One of the biggest gimmicks in skate decks is the graphic. Some of the more shallow minded skaters choose a deck solely on which has the coolest looking graphic. One of the funniest things I have ever heard was at school when someone was looking at a set of wheels and goes, “I don’t like these.” I asked him why and he replied,”the color of these wheels doesn’t match my deck.” I could have argued on and on with him about how the color or graphic is the least of your concerns when picking out a deck, but I decided to just nod my head because some people just don’t get it. All of this said the Jesse Martinez board boasts a much better looking graphic than some other decks I’ve see, but like I said don’t worry about the graphic.

All said and done this a great all around board for any type of skating except maybe for tight pants handrails skaters, but I don’t really care much about those guys anyways. For those of you who realize that a skateboard can be much more than an identical nose and tail I highly recommend this board. SMA has been around a long time and sponsors a team of ripping skaters many of whom support and ride this board themselves.