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Sierra Nevada Skateboards

So I get an email over a year ago from a dude named Milton. Milton writes to me about his company, Sierra Nevada. I was stoked at first because I thought he was a beer rep and this was my big free beer payday. As I read further into the email this was not the case. Feeling a little letdown I was brought back to the sunnier side of life when I realized Milton was hocking something else I loved, skateboard decks. So we exchanged random pleasantries and pertinent info and that was that. Sierra Nevada is a small operation, so Milton expressed how much he wanted a review, but that it would take some time for him to ship me out a deck. Well after a year or so of email tag I finally got one. It was cool to finally see the mystery deck after so long.

Sierra Nevada Skateboards is Milton’s Brainchild. He laminates the wood, designs the shapes, and prints the graphics out of his own woodshop. And he only does small batches so each board is given the love and affection it deserves. And he offers multiple widths, wheelbases, and graphics choices so there’s bound to be something for everyone. Check out for all the juice.

– 5tizzle