Product Reviews

SCS/ SoCal Skateboards wheels 59mm/101 duro

Brant torture tests the new SCS wheels.

SoCal Skateboards has decided to make a wheel and I am going to tell you what I think of them. Now to begin with the specs on these wheels are as follows- 59mm, 101durometer, has a hard core, 21mm contact surface, white in color(dye it any goofy color you want) and has a Bullet like shape. If you don’t know what Bullet like shape means then do some research before you go off to summer school. Connected to my board these wheels experienced 5 skateparks, 3 liquor store runs, 3 backyard pools,1 mini ramp, and a trip to your mom’s house for a massage and in every case except for the trip to your mom’s house these were great wheels. ( Your mom tried to steal them as payment so next time I won’t bring them over. ) SCS wheels are fast and gripped when I needed grip and slid when I needed them to slide. I would like to see these wheels in a few more sizes since everyone doesn’t ride 59mm but when you make the wheels you get to make what you want. Overall these were good wheels and you can buy them at