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Santa Cruz Keith Meek Slasher

Reissue Keith Meek Alright I’ll admit it…..I’m an alcoholic. Whoops wrong box, let me start that over. Hi, I’m Cory, and when I got this deck I did not know who Keith Meek was. As awful as that sounds, I quickly rectified that problem by checking out the Santa Cruz video “V-Day.” After watching unreal footage of Keith Meek destroying backyard pools both back then, and today I understand who we’re talking about.

Starting out this deck tips the scales at 10 by 30 inches, and despite its larger than average size it is still light enough to crack an ollie at your favorite ditch, yet wide enough to dodge traffic down the local hill. The Slasher dips in around the rear truck holes, and widens around the top, making it not quite wide enough to slap a pair of 215’s on, but just perfect for a set of 169’s. The concave seems to steepen around the tail, but flatten out towards to top. This helps your back foot hold on during smith grinds, and lets your front foot sit comfortably while carving around.

To conclude I think this is a great deck designed by a ripping skater who is backed by a solid company. If you’re looking for a little wider shape that is still practical for nearly all types of skating I highly recommend giving this deck a shot.