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Sacrifice Skateboards Stencil Decks


When MRZ handed me this deck after I won in the benefit raffle Jeff goes, “This is for you to just ride you don’t have to review it.” Somehow still I knew that I would wind up doing a product review. Well after a bulletin board request, and a couple e-mails later here we are. You can pick up a skateboard magazine today and browse through the deck ads and I can garantee you’ll find companies in there claiming something new. New graphics,new technology, we’ve made it stronger, we’ve made it lighter, we’ve added another ply, we’ve taken away a ply! I think companies are starting to realize that everyone is making popsicle sticks and they are all the same, and that if they want to sell boards they better stand out. Too bad that no matter what these large companies do they can never compare to what the smaller companies like sacrifice can offer. Can Plan B really say that someone spent their time carefully applying the graphic to the bottom of the deck. Can Baker say that someone spent hours and hours making a detailed stencil to spraypaint on the bottom of the board. Can any of the large companies say that someone carefully made sure the deck turn out perfect instead of some guy in a sweatshop carrying the board from one assembly line to the next?

This Sacrifice skateboard measures out around 8.25 by 32.5, which I think is an awesome all around shape. Its small enough to snap a kickflip down a stair set, yet large enough to help you hold on to those frontside grinds in that backyard pool.However the most important part is that my Tracker 139’s fit on it just right. Brock Essick aka Arrogant Bastard on the forums designs and cuts by hand all the stencils for these boards who then sends them to Rene who applies them onto the boards. These boards are made in the USA so you know they are strong and I don’t think I really need to tell you about Sacrifice unless you’ve been in a cave with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears.I rode this deck at a few different spots and it rode great as well as got some intrigued looks from locals who all wanted to check out the awesome spraypaint graphic.

You can find Sacrifice skateboards at your local skateshop and if you can’t then you probably need to find a new local skateshop. These stencil decks aren’t mass made boards so if you can get one consider yourself lucky. Also check out the new Sacrifice video POR VIDA.