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Richard Sanchez Deck

Richard never ceases to amaze me. He seems to be part of a certain breed of people who have the ability to fly beneath the skateboarding radar so to speak only to reemerge as if on a whim to drop some serious talent on the scene, and then quietly slip back underneath the metaphoric radar waves of the skateboard media. He has a habit of engaging himself in one of the many other activities that occupy his busy life such as music, art, or just being a family man only to take skateboarding off the back shelf, and attack one of the many socal parks with a vengeance. This is not to say however that Richard is not one hundred percent committed to skateboarding. A quick search of his name in our photo galleries will produce more than enough photographic proof that Richard has stuck with skating even when there was little or nothing to skate in his longtime residence of Los Angeles, and continues to destroy the plethora of new parks that have sprung up in the LA area. The fact of the matter is when you are a person such as Richard who possesses so many talents you cannot devote your full time to one activity. It simply would not be fair to himself or his audience to limit himself in such a manner. Therefore take note and pay attention, because Richard has given us another top quality product, and you never know how long this will last.

This skateboard is a standard 9″X32″ deck except it has notches on the nose, and tail, along with two “wings” located above the rear wheels. These previously mentioned accessory deviations sacrifice no function, but assist in helping this board stand above the mass produced standard shapes which is something Richard makes a point of doing in every product he creates. The graphic was hand done by Richard, the shape designed by Richard, the boards were pressed at Madrid, and the graphics were screened by Chicken, so you know that true quality was employed in every step of creating this board. The wood is strong, holds together well, the concave feels great, and despite its larger size it is surprisingly light weight. I’ve voiced my opinion before on my distaste for the excessive emphasis put on skateboard graphics, but I recommend taking a second to really pour over this graphic and examine it for its artistic value. This is not your run of the mill graphic targeted for twelve year old kickflippers drooling over the counter at “Boarders.”

If you are interested in picking up one of these decks to ride, or display on the wall… preferably ride, then feel free to contact Richard through his site There is a link posted at the top of this page.