Product Reviews

Rich Sanchez/Muttz Leather-Wrist Guards

At first I was nervous about wearing these things. I wondered if it would be hard to grab my board when I wore them, or worse what if the people on the concrete disciples bulletin boards thought they weren’t cool enough! Finally I tried out a set and realized that they didn’t affect grabbing my board at all. It was not much of a surprise however since these things are made D.I.Y by skater Rich Sanchez. He makes these right, and since he wears them himself you know they work. Since I have started a nasty habit of breaking my wrists I decided maybe it would be a good idea to start wearing them.

Rich Sanchez makes each set of wrist guards himself by hand. They are made out of 100% leather, and can definitely stand up to the abuse of skating. The inside of the wristguard is lined with about a quarter inch of foam so when you slam they will actually offer a good amount of protection. These are not only wrist guards either. They fit nicely around your palm as well to protect you from those annoying concrete palm smacks.

I sat down and talked to Rich, and he explained that he started working with leather when he was a kid. The problem was you couldn’t get stuff like this, so he just started making them himself. There was no other reason he started, it was just because he wanted it, so he made it happen.

You can get these wrist guards as well as made to skate and art only decks at and remember if the Muttz stamp isn’t on the wrist guard Rich didn’t make it!