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Lib Tech – Buster Halterman E-Matrix

Skaters by and large are traditionalists when it comes to our set up. We’ve got a keen eye when and are quick to shoot down the many snake oil salesmen out there in the industry. So when a company rolls the dice with some new fangled technology they’re taking a huge risk. Libtech is one such company that stepped up to the plate with a pressing process is both unique and practically indestructible when put to task.

Lib Tech - Buster Halterman E-Matrix Deck
Lib Tech – Buster Halterman E-Matrix Deck

My buddy Gabe had been singing the praises of Libtech’s decks for some time and now I had the opportunity to review one. At first glance one would think, “Why did the put ever slick on top of the board?” And furthermore “Why would they use ever slick at all?” Not only that but the nose and tail had these weird plastic pieces pressed between the layers. What’s up with that? Well I found what was up when I put the board together.

The deck was light. Lighter than a regular all wood deck, even with all the extra stuff. Not only was it lightweight but this has to be the stiffest board I’ve ever stood on. No flex at all, it just feels really sturdy under your feet. This could be an added bonus for the huskier skater out there that snaps boards like twigs. The concave in the middle of the board was mellow but the tail and nose had tons of kick so popping ollies was great, I felt like I could ollie over a freaking house with this thing. And though it doesn’t matter to most people, but the graphics even kicked ass, I almost chose to hang it on my wall rather than abuse it. But I had a job to do, so graphics be damned, this board was going to take a beating! And as for the tech info, Libtech boards are handmade in the good old U.S.A.; they press the E-matrix decks with an epoxy-hardened maple that has a vertical laminated core and a top layer that consists of their aptly named Plastihide top. Briefly put, the board kicks ass! Not only that but they’ve got a great team of riders who really tear shit up. As in my other reviews, I’ve said I give a board a three-week life span before I feel like it’s served its purpose. It’s been a month, its chip free, has retained the snap it had when it was new, and is virtually free of stress cracks. It will not die! I strongly recommend a Libtech board for your next purchase. Check out for more info and a cool graphic overview of the process it takes to create their boards.