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Five Points – Custom Decks Review

Five Points
Custom Decks Review It was Christmas of 1988 I believe. My big gift this year was not a surprise to me as I had hand picked it myself. Bellies were full of food and it was time to open gifts. I practically trampled half of my family to get to mine, the one I had been dreaming of ever since we bought it at the skate shop. White Thunder trucks, OJ II’s, and the centerpiece to this work of art, an Aaron Murray Dogtown board. The one with the cool ass side cuts. I practically pissed myself when I finally got to got ride it the next day. Flash forward to the present where most boards have the same boring shape. I sat in front of my computer one day cruising the CD boards and I came across several posts singing the praises of some little operation called Five Points. Hailing from the landlocked state of Ohio, Five Points makes custom shaped boards for those who want something with shape, or just a little bit of nostalgia. They have great selection of shapes that will definitely take an old schooler back to when wearing neon clothing was the standard. As I perused their site I found a deck that resembled my bestest Christmas gift ever, an Aaron Murray look-alike. I once again found my bladder almost burst like it did that one fine holiday and I knew I had to have one. The only problem being, after years of riding popsicle sticks no wider than eight inches, my hooves would not feel comfortable on the Five Points nine inch girth. Tim Birt, the man behind the wood said it was no problem to shape it down. I said cool, and while he was at it, to add a cool ass shovel nose to round out the already deadly looking shape. I was ecstatic at the possibility of having my own personalized shape. I waited at the window like a dumb puppy for the mail to come. And finally it did, I was floored when I ripped the box open to find the coolest board I’ve seen in years. The shape was so rad, I couldn’t wait to ride it and show it off to my friends. Of course when I did go out riding, they thought I was nuts. Who cares, I still had the coolest board and they were just jealous. Though the shape looked strange, it was quite functional for everyday use. The only downside to this board was the abuse my shins and ankles took at the hands of this behemoth. But I dug my own grave with that one, and ironically that’s what Tim calls it. Go to to check out their whole line, they got something for everybody, and if you’re man enough, pick up a Gravedigger!