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DVS Munition

DVS SHOES DVS MunitionI’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations for these shoes when I first saw them. Ever since I began skating I’ve tend to gravitate more towards a vans style shoe where usually the rule of thumb for me was the lighter, and simpler the better. That being said when I held these heavily padded shoes that looked as though they threw every material in the warehouse in a blender, and out came the Munition, my hopes weren’t too high. Despite these negative preconceptions I laced them up, and took them for a spin.

For starters it actually feels kinda good to walk around in pair of shoes that are thicker than a sheet of paper especially when you’ve had a heel bruise since last May, and every time you try to bend your toes it sounds like a firecracker is going off. What was most surprising however is the fact that when skating in these shoes I did not notice any significant difference in board feel compared to a thinner shoe like Vans. I think DVS really hit the mark on a balance between comfort, and board feel. The material seems to be solid as well, these shoes have stood the test of time, and proven their durability.

If you want a shoe that provides great board feel, but don’t think your feet can handle running out of tricks on shoes that allow light to pass through them then I think the DVS Munition is a great purchase.