So I head on over to the Mail box this morning and low and behold a package. Whenever I see the cardboard box gleaming from just inside, I know Christmas has come early. To my surprise it was from a company called Addiction Skateboards. Addiction has been around for about two to three years flying way below the radar. It’s owned by Nate Hopewell, who happens to be a friend of mine. I met Nate through Tony Loco back in 2004 and he is a good guy. Back then he had just opened his own Tattoo shop somewhere in the dessert and was just kicking around the idea of starting his own skate company. Flash forward a few years later and his company is off and running. His new skate film is "No Hope". "No Hope" features the Addiction Skate Team doing their thing. I popped in the DVD and went along for the ride. First thing I noticed is that the music was kick ass. It ranges from 80 hesh metal to The Doors and everything in-between. The editing is top notch. Nothing to fancy, just solid and clean. The riders are as heavy as they come. I love it when a new guy pops up on the scene and just kills it. Addiction has a few guys like that. Stand out parts for me were Chris Barber and Travis Peterson. Chris just anialates everything that goes in-front of him. Mad skills and tricky tricks make this kid a definite "keep your eye on". Travis Peterson use to ride for Bacon and is a total ripper. Killer Ripon footage and big airs. all around destroyer. What I really liked about this DVD is that there is a little bit of everything for everybody. Pools, gnarly street, parks, ditches, ramps and the kitchen sink to boot. I have to give this DVD 4 out of 5 tusks on The Walrus rating scale. Only gripe I have was that there was not enough Tony Loco footage. He had a few clips, but the footage was very old. All in all get this vid, crack a beer and enjoy. For more info on Addiction Skateboards and "No Hope", go to www.addictionskateboards.com.