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Dropout Wheels

Dropout Wheels Dropout Wheels sent out some new urethane from the Northwest and these wheels were definitely not skinny by any means. These wheels are 101a , 60mm , with a 40mm contact surface. That’s right 40mm is pretty damn freakin wide compared to most other wheels out there. They also make these in 58mm with a 40 mm contact surface and 56mm with a 38mm contact surface. Dropout grip when you want grip on the slippery surfaces and slide when you want them to slide resulting in a good all terrain wheel. The best thing about these wheels are the speed that you get from these suckers, throw in some ceramic bearings and you legs might never have to work again. Put a set of these on and make Anthony coping seem like some kind of small baby coping, for babies! Dropout wheels are making the wheels that they want to ride not what the masses want, their in it for quality not quantity so get a set while you can . Check out their MySpace (search Dropout Wheels) to get the urethane and support a company owned by people who actually skate . The people who are doing these wheels also put out a video some of you might have heard of called “This Axe Was Made To Grind”. I also heard that if you buy 100 sets you get one free but that could be something that I just made up. SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER AND SKATE, IF YOU CAN SPEND TIME ON HERE EVERYDAY YOU CAN SKATE EVERYDAY!