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Conspiracy Skateboards

Conspiracy Skateboards Conspiracy Skateboards

Whenever I see Pushead’s artwork, it reminds of Zorlac, or even Metallica when they rocked and didn’t try to get people arrested for listening to their music. I was really stoked when I ran across Conspiracy’s website and saw his art on their products. But all appreciation art aside, their goods are solid. This board reminds me of how boards used to be made. Ready and willing to take a good beating, their boards are proudly made here in the states. And the package they sent was rounded out by a team video that featured all the Conspiracy crew, along with a few guest appearances totally destroying parks from Colorado to Texas. And what really stoked me were the wheels with Pushead’s art splattered across them. Standing tall at 60 mm, these urethane slabs were what my set up needed. I’m sure most of the locals on this site know what I’m talking about, but if you’re not in the loop, check out, and while your at it check out Pushead’s stuff at and when you’re not busy doing that, check out Lindsey Kuhn’s work at Lindsey’s work also adorns some of Conspiracy’s products and its fucking cool. Okay, I’ve given you your homework assignment for the day, so blow it off for now, go skate and do it when you get home.