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Conspiracy DVD – SAIKOU

what does saikou mean anyways? As I was watching this rad dvd by Conspiracy; I wondered what does saikou mean anyways? Well the Conspiracy site doesn’t say, and good old Webster dictionary let me down too. So my only remaining option was google. Google has 177,000 things to say about saikou, but I still don’t know what it means. Apparently they don’t have it on ebay either.
Anyways enough about the fact that I don’t know what the title means, this dvd is great! It’s been awhile since Conspiracy put out a video considering the last one I watched was on vhs, but this is worth the wait. It has a wide variety of skating from Ohio skateparks that will make you replan your next skate trip, to gnarly indoor bowls. This video has ditches, parks, backyarders, curb slappies everything. Lots of great skating too.
There is also some killer footage from the Oregon Trifecta series, that is worth the price of the dvd itself. It is probably the best footage I’ve seen of the contest yet. The conspiracy crew looked busy, because this is not a one state video. It has Texas ditch riding, Ohio Skatopia, and parks. Oregon parks galore, and some fun looking east coast bowls as well.
Well I still don’t know what saikou means. If anybody out there knows please tell me. I’d like to thank Conspiracy skateboards for putting out this awesome dvd, and for thoroughly confusing me too. I definitely recommend checking out this video. This video has a good mix of everything, with a killer soundtrack to boot.