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Bones Wheels Experimentals Review
Bones Wheels Experimentals Review

I used to love the Powell videos when you see a rider who’s going pro or is already pro, and they’d be riding a deck with the mysterious “Experimental” sticker across the bottom. I would watch in awe as my mind tried to conjure up what the graphics would look like, how the shape would be different from the rider’s last model, would I be the most awesome skate rat in the hood if I got it before it came out, complete with the “Experimental” sticker gleaming in the sun. Sadly that day never came, well at least in deck form.

I caught a blurb on the CD boards about free Powell wheels. I’m always up for some free shit. Turns out it was Rob Washburn. His post mentioned he had just cut twelve sets of wheels in various sizes. I chose the 57mm wheels with the promise I’d give him feedback. I did him one better, I said I’d write about them. These wheels arrived, with no info, no size or durometer printed on the wheel. Just the bones graphic circling the wheel and the bones printed on them. Quite mysterious indeed, but a test was needed. I’d never ridden any of the Powell SPF or STF formulas. I see a lot of guys into them. So now I get a chance to see what all the hype is about. To make the pot sweeter, I added a fresh set of Ron’s finest steel. Once I hit the crete at my favorite spot, I was flying. The wheels are a damn smooth ride. Plus the size was really functional without being too small. I don’t have any other info, its top secret.

Fuck it, go to the source…….