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Blasterz Bearings

Blasterz Bearings by Weirdo Skateboards Blasterz BearingsWeirdo, an informal noun used to describe someone who is odd, eccentric, or unconventional. This noun was first used in 1955 during a time of pseudo morality, red scares, and the advent of Rock N Roll music which sprang forth from the anti-pop R&B music that enjoyed widespread popularity in the African American community that shamefully still suffered from segregation and civil injustice. If we seek to further exhume word etymologies we find that the nascency of weird is found in Greek mythology where it is used to describe the “weird sisters” or the three fates. These goddesses were responsible for controlling human destiny, and were duly portrayed in a frightening or odd manner. The word weird as an adjective was first penned in 1815, and was popularized by literary icon William Shakespeare in his classic play, “Macbeth.” The sole justification for this ostensibly irrelevant introduction is that in being atypical it may aptly be labeled weird, which just so happens to be the same adjective that the name of the company that made the bearings that are being reviewed came from.

Paradoxically, a company that prides itself on abnormality has decidedly produced a normal bearing. These bearings are simply bearings that suffice in providing adequate speed and smoothness of ride. Blasterz are unapologetically average bearings for an average or debatably sub-average price. These encased steel balls are certainly undeserving of being inveighed, yet fall short of deserving overflowing accolades.

If the pleasant dream of pressing high grade ceramic bearings into your chunks of rotating urethane has become tantalizingly insurmountable in this nightmare of a recession then the Blasterz, which will set you back twenty bones, are both an economical and tolerable option.