Product Reviews

Banzai Skateboards

I was on the net one day and came across the site for Banzai Boards. Their product page was under construction, so no visuals. So I opted to drop them an email anyway because I was curious about their company. What I learned was that they were originally based in Japan and jumped the puddle to the states in 2003. They still keep offices in Japan and are all skater owned. And as not to confuse anyone into thinking that their boards are made out of those little trees made famous by the Karate Kid movie, bonsai trees are something completely different. I received there package a month after it was mailed. I guess it got lost in the U.S. Postal Vortex. And telling from the condition of the box, it looked like someone went postal on it. But I digress, the products were unharmed. I set up one of their 7.75″ decks and was pleased, solid wood, good snap, and didn’t chip easily. I liked it more for a street board, but they sent an 8 inch also, so I’ll be saving that for pools and ramp. To get their gear, don’t bother trying to find them through a distributor; they only deal with skate shops. It’s a company philosophy they like to stick to. The main reason is that they don’t want it ending up at a sporting goods store. I dig it, you might too. Check it out for yourself at