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Bacon Skateboards – Team Deck

Bacon Skateboards - Team Deck
Bacon Skateboards – Team Deck

I don’t know about you, but come breakfast time if there’s bacon to be had, I like mine on the undercooked and soggy side. I’m sure it’s more or a risk to my health than feasting on fried swine fat in general, but that’s just my personal preference. On the other hand, when it comes to my boards, I like them crisp and snappy. One day when cruising the Disciples site I saw a banner ad for a new company out of the central coast called Bacon. First I giggled. It’s a funny name for a company, Bacon, just saying it makes me smile. So I bugged Jeff to let me do a review of their product and he gladly obliged me.

I got my hands on their team deck, which measures at 7.75″. It’s got a nice shape, kind of a hefty nose and a perfect sized tail. The concave wasn’t too steep, but my concern with that is that the mellower boards I’ve ridden in the past have lost their kick rather quickly as opposed to boards with, pardon the term “Hella Concave”. I put my reservations aside and slapped my junk onto this plank and hit some crete. The board had nice snap and was comfortable to ride. It felt good on tranny as well as performing well with the flippy stuff. My only concern was a weird cracking sound coming from somewhere near the back bolts, sounded like it there was some delaminating going on. The board kept it’s pop though. There was also some premature stress cracking going on, but for that I blame myself and the pizza oven that was the inside of my truck where my board would slumber during the day. My bad.

3 weeks into my review and the board still has its snap, no chips, and has raised the eyebrows of my cohorts who liked the way the board looked and rode. Good board all around, for street or tranny, and to top things off they sent me a rad mesh cap that actually fits my infant-sized cranium. I see good things for this company, and from what my friend Jon tells me they’re all a bunch of cool guys. So next time you’re in the market for a board, order a side of Bacon! For info on the all their products and riders go to:

Bacon Skateboards are now available