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Backyard Bandits Blade Killer DVD Review

Backyard Bandits – Blade killer Blade KillerSo I got this dvd and I had already heard some good things about it, but when I popped it in the dvd player and started watching it I was definitely impressed. This video is packed with tons of pool shredding from well know pros to anonymous rippers. This isn’t a strictly socal pool video either. It contains pool ripping in Canada, Seattle, Portland, Norcal, Socal, and Vegas! There is also some killer fullpipe and skatepark footage in there as well to mix it up. Backyard Bandits has to be one of the best underground pool skating videos out there; with no lame story line to get in the way of gnarly pool ripping (cough.. cough.. LODT). This video showcases a wide variety of empty swimming holes ranging from well known pools such as pala, vagabond (R.I.P.), and the Jet to some hidden gems you may not have seen before. I don’t think I saw more than an elbow pad in this video which will make all you ‘death before knee pads’ skaters happy. I’d give this video a ‘make you want to run out and skate a pool’ factor of 10! All in all this is a killer dvd and a must have for any pool skater.

Check out to buy the backyard bandits dvd. There are also lots of pool pics and videos on this site as well as a blade killing game to waste time at work.