Venice Annual Ladies Jam 2017

July 29, 2017…. Another great installment of Ladies Skateboarding took place at the Venice Beach Skatepark in Los Angeles. The LA Parks and Rec. along with the creator Heidi Lemmon put in a massive effort to get the girls some time in the sun all to themselves. This event was the second one and both have been really awesome. 


The competitors turned out for a fun jam


amy bradshaw2

One of the Inspirations to all the young girls was Amy Bradshaw! Flowed through the park all day.


Vianez morales1

Vianez Morales skated hard all afternoon and took 2nd. Kickflip rock fakie here. 



Tracie Garacochea doesn’t even flinch at dropping in and taking a slam— RESPECT!


steve wright

Steve Wright is always a ladies man, also got to judge today. Thank you Steve!!


Stellla Reynolds

Stellla Reynolds put on quite a skateboarding exhibition for such a young lady.

She slayed the competition and took home a first place medal! 360 flyout out of the snake.



ring man

Ring Man gave a free show next to the skatepark


StelllaReynolds lipslide

Stellla Reynolds again – lipslide



Quinne Daniels foxtrotted the comp


patti McGee naugles tacos

Patti McGee and the Naugles Tacos crew came out to support and nourish the contestants. 


not jimgray

Over here Mr. Gray! Julie Goforth trying to get her turn in 🙂


nicole noller

Nicole Noller was taking home first place! Body variable to disaster was among many unique and difficult tricks it took to win it. 


leah ho hippy1

Leah Ho started messing around with the naugles Hippy jump, but quickly found out she was real good!

leah 1

Leah Ho Sweeping up the decks


Elle was one of the crowd fave’s. Taking a big drop like a boss!


julie gotforth1

jordan baret

Jordyn Barrat fresh from a X Games Silver supporting the Ladies Event, Tracie Garacochea


jimgray dennis martinez

Dennis Martinez and Jim Gray fighting over the mic. Good friends and good times.


Jazzmen Chavez

Jazzmen  Chavez – blunt to fakie

dj craz

DJ KRZA kept everyone on the beach gruuving. 


daryls dogsledding


colette peterson1

Collette Peterson came in late but still shredded the place. Style and flair.


chris hooten

Chris Hooten was putting in some work getting great shots


cheryl j 1

 Cheryl Jumao-as is always on a mission for fun and smiles. She shreds too!


amy bradshaw1

Amy bradshaw again carving the snakerun

hippy jump2

Hippy Jumper 2



Stellla Reynold limbo jump

Stellla Reynolds Hippy Limbo – How low can you go!