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Unsung Heroes – Tom Ledin

“Un-Sung Heroes”
A look into those that have influenced skateboarding with out even knowing it.

There are so many people influencing skateboarding today, that it makes my head spin. From legends to big name pros to TV celebrities. There is also a small group of individuals that have sprung up from the ashes, like a phoenix to silently bring forth their talent and love to skateboarding. These “Un-Sung Heroes” have come about not for the glory, but for the simple fact that they have a true love-affair with skateboarding and its’ lifestyle.

Enter into the picture one Tom Ledin. The name may not be to familiar, but over the past year Tom has been responsible for some classic skate art and art in general. Tom has created countless graphics for such companies as: Sacrifice, 5 Points Skates, Ashland Longboards, Series Skateboards and a whole bunch of others. Why does Tom do it? Simply because he loves it. Working for peanuts and beer, Tom is always there to lend a helping hand at a moments notice, and never backs away from a good challenge and does all this while raising a family and trying to keep his wife happy (for those of us who are still married and skate, you know what I mean). Pure dedication with no strings attached. Tom has influenced skateboarding more in one year, than some people spend a life time trying to achieve, and he never asked anything for himself. Always with a smile and idea ready to go, Tom is truly an Un-Sung Hero. So with out further ado, here is a few spoken words from the man himself…

Name: Tom Ledin
Age: 36
Married to Deniece
Father of Tanner (6) and Riley (3)
Began Skating in 1985.

I was always into art, skating, and skateboard art, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I put them all together. When I discovered skateboarding websites like Concrete Disciples, Skull and bones.com, and Sleestak, I realized that there was a lot of people looking for art.

Growing up with the art of VCJ, Cliver, Jim Phillips, and Stecyk I never thought, “Hey, I could do that”. Actually, I still can’t, but Rene had seen some of my stencils, and asked me to cut him one, and eventually he entrusted some board graphics, and print ads to me. At the same time, I did a few graphics for Five Points Tim, and a few other companies. Once people see your stuff on a skateboard, they automatically think you know what you’re doing, and hit you up for art, so it kind of snowballs.

Tom Ledin - Blind
Tom Ledin – Blind

I love skateboarding, and I love art, and I’m a dumbass for not putting them together sooner. I might not be stuck in this shitty dead end job I hate if I had figured it all out when I was young. Live and learn.

Check out some more of Tom’s art here: http://tomledin.com

Tom Ledin