The Inaugural Jayboy Classic

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2014 Z-Flex Jay Boy Classic Event Recap from Z-Flex Skateboards on Vimeo.

April 12th of 2014. Jay Adams and the full Z-Flex crew took over the bowl at the Venice Beach skatepark for a fun competition between unsponsored riders. They were busy giving out tons of free products to the crowd and hustling to fill in some open spots on the heat sheets early on. Some pretty green rookies were pitted again some guys who are on the verge of getting some sponsors  so it was a wide variety of skill levels. That didn’t matter though, the most important thing was to have fun and I think everyone did. when it came time to throw down the local MC Eric ‘Tuma’ Britton took over the mic and DJ Cesar handled cranking the tunes for us all out on the sand on a beautiful day.  I’m really looking forward to the 2nd Annual!



Malakai Montes Big Air



Royalle Bernstine liening back for a comfort ride



Z-Flex am riders Oscar Navarro and Malakai Montes (top) getting the crowd stoked out.


Hezekiah Seales

Hezekiah Seales takes an entirely different approach to bowl riding. He shared many unusual tricks with us.

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace ripped it hard. 1st place and a year of Z-Flex products



1) Andrew Wallace
2) Spacoli
3) Andrew Miller
4) Royalle Bernstine
5) Hezekiah Seales
6) Alex Vasques
7) Andley Lerma
8) Robert Baltazar


What I missed out on for leaving early:

The All Girl Skatejam and a Legends of Venice Jam session


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