The Hump Bowl Christmas Party

Kevin Hewitts Best Trick over the stairs

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Concrete Disciples

Mike Smith has recently opened the doors to a really nice backyard pool in ‘The Valley’. His hospitality has been great and accomodating to all. Since a lot of local skaters are short on family or something to do at Christmas time he put a call out to all for a party with fixin’s and trimmings and a best trick contest to partake of. A small entry fee of $5 was suggested and the funds would go 1/2 back to the winners and the other half to pool repairs.

I stopped in for a few hours and took some photo’s and video until a little after dark, so my coverage is a little short as I missed the back end of the happenings. It was a real pleasure to have the real Skate Master Tate spinning vinyl for us and he had one hell of a set list going. Here is what I got:



Kevin Conway ~ riding in the Purple Haze


Kevin Hewitt hi speed grind into the shallow end.


Kevin Davis working the tile over the light


Zack Mayall throws down a fs air.


Zack Tripp wins the overall Best and a big trophy! Pic stolen from Skatemaster Tate’s Instagram feed 😉

I picked up the following results from Mike as I wasn’t there to see the final placings and payout:

Zack Tripp won overall best run, Hewitt got honorable mention for best trick, & Kevin Conway got hump of the year. He got the deck & they all got shirts, plus I gave one to Zak Mayall & Evan. Thank you so much for providing the swag!! Tripp won $40, thanks to an extra $20 donated by my roommate. Great night!


In case your wondering how tuff the stairs are…. Nice job Kevin!