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Skatie Hawkins – Wicked Wahine

The Wicked Wahine train pulled into the station at the SPAUSA headquarters and the Skatie Hawkins party ensued…

It was a very crisp and sunny day in Santa Monica CA where the ladies of the Wicked Wahines congregated to have a little contest/jam/skate dance. The Wicked Wahines are now in their second year of Girls only skateboarding contests and they are each unique and varied. They are not getting stale if you catch my drift.
The action went down as follows. 3 heats of girls charged the mini-ramp in the main event. Heat one ripper Hanna showed how to blast a frontside air I think most skaters would envy (see below). This girl nicknamed Seashells busted some awesome frontside ollies. I was jealous! Heat 2 was dominated by Apryl Woodcock. She’s already skating like a like a seasoned skate veteran. Heat 3 was small and Elena jumped into the mix so the 3 girls wouldn’t flat out collapse in the 3 girl jam. Melissa O’Grady charged it hard and made the finals.

Hanna Zanzi - Put one on the top shelf over the channel.
Hanna Zanzi – Put one on the top shelf over the channel.

After the 3 Heats, and a little while where the guys barged the ramp, the judges tabulated the scores, and I ate some more hot dogs and cookies, things got back on track for the finals. Felicity Corral, Mandy Esch, and Mellisa O. joined Hanna and Apryl in a 5 girl jam where the skating picked the winners.

1st) Apryl Woodcock – Blasted a huge air over the channel, backside disasters and inverts on the extension, feeble grinds to fakie, tail slides front and back, grind reverts, frontside rocks.

Apryl Woodcock found some feebles to grind.
Apryl Woodcock found some feebles to grind.

2nd) Hanna Zanzi – Huge Airs, lien to tails, finger flips to board, 5-0’s, fakie layback airs

3rd) Mandy Esch rocked lipslides, airs of the extension, blunt rocks, 5-0’s, fs 50-50’s , nose stall reverts, Cab to pivots, backside smith grinds.

4th) Felicity Corral – 50-50’s, fs 50-50’s

5th) Mellisa O’Grady – grinds on the extensions, rock n’rolls on the extension.

(left to right) Hanna, Apryl, Rose, Elena, Mandy, & Felicity.
(left to right) Hanna, Apryl, Rose, Elena, Mandy, & Felicity.

After the Finals ended it was time for the Skatie Hawkins Jam. Girls grabbed their guys (or other girls) and jumped into a jam session that was fun to watch albeit a little disjointed. Sometimes 3 or 4 skaters would be riding the ramp all over and no one could even tell who’s date was who’s! It was extra tough to judge this format, but the judges did manage to see a little bit on synchronized skating and double tricks in the middle of the chaos and named Ciara D’ Agostino & Jeff Petrick the Skatie Hawkins couple of the day.

The Props gotta go out to the Wicked Wahines and their volunteer help. Heidi at SPAUSA for hosting the contest on the miniramp, Ger-I Lewis for emcee’ing along with Elena and Barfly and especially all the girls who came out to skate on the rain delayed date in the freezing cold weather.

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