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Skatepark Blitz 3

Lord Almighty! We had quite the wrecking crew in our midst, alas… about 20 Disciples descended upon the concrete walls of Laguna Niguel at 9 a.m. and a few more laid siege to the walls of Poway.

This article closes another fine chapter in the Concrete Disciples’ ‘Book of the Skateboarding Brotherhood’. Today is 2 days after the 3rd installment of the Skatepark Blitz for the summer of 2003. The skies showered us with blue and the winds kept us cool throughout the day as we battled along the I5 corridor of the San Diego area lashing out at the unsuspecting concrete that crossed our paths. Lord Almighty! We had quite the wrecking crew in our midst, alas… about 20 Disciples descended upon the concrete walls of Laguna Niguel at 9 a.m. and a few more laid siege to the walls of Poway.

Part I : The Blitz at Laguna Niguel

As we anxiously awoke and readied ourselves for the upcoming battles a peaceful quiet overcame me and Barfly. We knew going into fight required lots of concentration. We arrived on the scene and the soldiers had already quashed all opposition in their path (They were a little excited). Soon the bowl was surrounded and we took turns beating it into submission. Dales, Carl, Hirsh, Ron, Peter, Nate, Brad, David, Rose, SumDum and kids, Barfly, Bam Bam, Manimal, Ed and more were all hammering away at this concrete palace. Shortly it became ours and then we hungered for further conquests. First, we refueled at the neighboring Tony Pepporonis which offered us fine fare for a mid-day swill of ale and pizza that melted in your mouth.

Part I : The Wake Up call @ Poway (By Swellbow)

Poway was a 3 person coffee grind session. Poway has major flow through out the park especially early in the morning with hardly anybody there. We all carved the place up. (SD Lurker, Matt B, & me) Some kid was trying to learn how to drop in but he never really even tried despite our encouragement. Skated for about 45 minutes gave the kids at the park some Six Gun decals and split to Coronado so that we could be right on time. Unlike the rest of the crew.

Part II : The Battle of the Dreaded I-5

Coming off such a resounding victory we carelessly bolted towards our next conquest. Little did we know we we’re about to be ambushed by thousands, if not millions of vehicles sent in our path to stop us. They nearly had us toppled and defeated. I was wondering how many Disciples would pack it in and head home. Amazingly enough we persevered and when we came through the battlefronts we hadn’t lost a soul, although everyone was a bit weary and slightly hostile. We found ourselves at the bonafide, most picturesque skatepark in California…Coronado.

Part III : Coronado

We rallied the troops from both parties to plan our next assault (we hooked up with the Poway crew). They thought we’d been taken in battle and had nearly given up hope of a completely successful conquest. ‘Jules’ and Roger laid the plans out before the men and we voted. Many opted to go onward and take the battle northward to Washington Street while about 1/2 the others, including myself, elected to mop up after the Poway crew at Coronado. Most of us were delighted to find many a good turn left to be had for us. This nice park had lots of bowl pockets in the 5-9 foot range which really could get your juices flowing. The younger crew really poured it on (don’t they always). Barfly found a dollar for all his pain and suffering… just ask him. Ed literally slaughtered and innocent child, Brad was spotted throwing up at least one hundred consecutive backside grinds. Socal Hirsh threw some airs into the mix and Manimal was ripping. Rorshok took home some heat stroke, the youngin’s really started flying, the Vegas crew knocked out some bangers above the deep end.

Part IV : The Washington St. Blowout (By Swellbow)

At Washington Street, the crew there Slob, G-man, Glenn, Stephanie, and Ballard proved that it was their home turf. Stephanie made the Disciples crew feel like little kids has she went both frontside and backside over the loveseat. We watched the local lines carefully and started to get our groove on. The place is gnarly. It humbles the best skaters. Peter found some speed lines. Mark made it over the loveseat but then jumped off his board when he made it to the other side. Nate injured and all could not contain himself and had to take a few runs. Matt B was in awe of the place and everyone hyped him up on his runs. Dales was starting to get going but then it was time to hit Clairemont. I hooked the session up and Black Label and Speed Metal made sure the Washington crew was very well taken care will product.

Part V : The Hammers went down @ Clairemont YMCA

Right on que the Disciples lined up at the gates of Clairemont, clamoring in there armor ready for battle. This was it, the one most of us had been prepping for all day. The perfect Egg bowl with a shallow square. Pool Coping all around! Everyone wanted a piece of this pool. We BLITZED it hard!!! Grinds were cranking from every side, Disciples were snaking each other and jockeying for more skate time at every turn. Air’s were blasted, Slams were took, Trucks and coping clashed hard! Today, That pool got beat and conquered!!! Well done fellow Disciples. Now it is time to celebrate… Onward to Pala!

Part VI : Rapture at Pala

Into the night we ventured across the inland highway through Oceanside, into the darkness. Ahead we had reinforcements preparing for our victory celebration. Generator and lights provided by our ally Nick Gates and a medium sized skate posse of even more disciples were on hand and had the Pala Bowl all warmed up for us. We picked up some refreshments for the crew along the way so we could make merry. Swellbow brought in some more lights and the session was on! It wasn’t long until most the vets settled by the side of the pool recounting the tales of the day. The youth kept up the incessant pace and pushed themselves on beyond all expectations. We rocked, we rolled, we slammed, and we laughed. Everyone on the journey has a killer memory that’ll stick in their brains for ever more.

Peace – Out.
Jeff G.