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PHXAM 2023

Phoenix Am 2023 Crowd & course.

Almost immediately upon arrival , I could tell that this contest was going to be a good one. There was a best trick contest on Friday and people were throwing down some gnarly tricks over the bank to barrier. The gnar continued all weekend long with some notable bangers happening on the regular. People like Arik Griggs’s tail slide across the ledge on top of the volcano or Genesis Delegarza’s lien air on top of the desert west quarter pipe kept the stoke flowing. 

Genesis Delegarza’s lien air

If you felt like taking a break from the contest, there was plenty of booths set up. Many with games you could win stuff at. Some people won skateboards and other various items. Vans was giving all spectators free PHXAM t-shirts. There was a raffle too where they were handing merchandise out of the back of a U-haul. Food trucks were on the premises. The food looked worth checking out. I believe I saw someone walk by me with carne asada fries.

I think the best way I know how to describe the Phoenix AM is that it was a madhouse of skaters ripping all at once during the practice sessions and one amazing run after the next during the actual heats. I would definitely recommend attending the contest in the future if you can. This was definitely an event I want to attend next year.

Mens Podium

2023 Mens Final Results
1 – Lazer Crawford
2 – Wallace Gabriel
3 – Koston Eaton
4 – Jhancarlos Gonzalez
5 – Matty Jessee

Womens Podium
Women’s Podium

PHXAM 2023 Womens Final Results
1 – Grace Marhoefer
2 – Paige Heyn
3 – Poe Pinson
4 – Ricci Tres
5 – Secret Lynn

Full results and more coverage here

All Photo by Ryan Gurwell except the intro drone photo by Captain Carls.