OG Jam Series @ Fontana

The 2014 rolled into the I.E. for the first time ever this past weekend and apparently there are no skaters in the IE. Actually just a couple local rippers showed up so the rest of the crowd came from far and wide. As we planned it, the weather was ideal and the competition took place under a great evening as the sunset.

There was some heavy skating going as I rolled up and many were already ready to go, but there was quite a bit of time before the official action was to commence. The skaters kept rolling in and got their practice, worked on some final manuvers to bring home the prizes. Practice was official about 5:30 and runs for the 50 and over division started about 6pm. The group went off without a hitch. Eddie Hadvina is a monster of consistancy and is rarely beaten and he took this contest by a wide margin.

Here’s some proof:


Eddie Havina – Invert – 1st place.


The man only goes by Shoepad, ripping to 2nd place.


Scott Hostert – Big guy skating hard in a little pool!


Greg Garret has lots of gadgets in his bag of tricks. 4th place


Robert Weddle surfed it hard!


Ron Grewohl – Smash and Dash…


50 and over dudes are impressive! Scott Hostert – 3rd place, Shoepad – 2nd Place, Eddie Hadvina – 1st place. Zack Mayall, 30 division – 1st place!


We only had one entrant in the 30 division, arriving just as we were writing off the whole generation behind the 40-49 year olds. Zack Mayall showed up with a garanteed 1st place finish and joined in the 40-49 heat just for kicks and so he didn’t have to do a demo on his own.


Zack alwys brings some wild style.

The 40-49 division is pretty fat and we need to cut it in half probably, but its too late this year since overall scring is already in place. Don’t get your hopes up, but next year we’ll probably split it down the middle. Anyhow, the 40-49 year old were up and they got split into two heats. I put myself up first so no one would complain about having that unenvious spot in the line-up. Shit went down! The bowl got ripped harder then I thought it was going to. So many guys can handle it in there that it could have been anyones to take. Dan Colburn was really firing like we hadn’t seen before and did more than anyone else in our division and rightfully took 1st place. Dave Davenport was going to stay on everything no matter what, but he looked like he wasn’t making much effort, smoothness earned 2nd place.


Dan Colburn – Grinding the hip out of the pocket to shallow.


Brian Lynch trying to snap my toes with a Rock n’Roll


Aaron Glascock hits the heaviest grinds… always!


Andy Bialk took the hardest slam – was rewarded with some prizes


Kenny King was zipping and smashing in his runs. Flying off the hip with a fs ollie.


Nik Rosenthal is on a mission! Watch for top 3 soon.


Richard Sanchez – invert with his one and only style.


Dan Colburn -1st (right), Dave Davenport – 2nd (center), Jeff Greenwood – 3rd (left)


We all owe many thanks to everyone who helps out putting this FREE event on and all our sponsors who support Skateboarding by us Old Guys. Especially Powell Peralta / Bones Wheels who give us a ton of product to give out at each event!! A big thanks to the Fontana Skatepark for their support and staying a little late for us to clean up on a Saturday night. 

 Next stop is Santa Monica on August 16th. See you there.